• Miss Mireille Azer
Name :
Mireille Azer
Country :
Ages :
Height :
166.0 cm
Weight :
49.0 kg
Body figure :
33.4 - 24 - 36.4
Education/Occupation :
3rd year faculty of Medicine Ain Shams university/ Consumer collecting team member in a multinational company/ Ballet teacher
Hobbies :
Reading, dancing
Ambitions :
Heart surgeon Doing research in Bio engineering Women and animal rights ambassador in my country
I can describe myself as a strong, ambitious, optimistic, and also very tolerant, flexible and open to new ideas. I love animals so much and I always rescue, foster then look for adopters. I hope I can help in improving animals conditions in my country. I'm also very proud as a woman, I am financially independent and have been working since the age of 16, even though I live in a misogynist society where women are often oppressed. I believe that the source of the problem is women. Women in my country are afraid and insecure and this is something I am trying to change by starting with myself and encouraging all the ladies around me. So yes, one of my goals is empowering women so they can live better lives. why did I decide to be a doctor instead of studying math and physics -which I'm very good at- ? It all started with the Egyptian revolution, I'm not interested in politics but I felt deeply for the wounded and decided to take positive action and start studying medicine. My journey in Ballet started at the age of 11, as a young girl I used to think ballet is for weak shallow girls but when I understood its artistic side I fell in love. It also needed strength, discipline, dedication and effort. it was very challenging and I was obsessed.
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