• Miss Renata Sena
Name :
Renata Sena
Country :
Ages :
Height :
172.0 cm
Weight :
54.0 kg
Body figure :
35 - 24 - 37
Education/Occupation :
Universidade (University) Católica Dom Bosco, 6th semester of journalism
Hobbies :
I do a lot of physical exercise, work out at the gym, run in the park, I read a lot, I also write but what I really like to do is singing
Ambitions :
My dream is to be happy and proud of myself and of my achievements
Hello, my name is Renata Sena, I am 21 years old, I am a journalism academic, model and singer. I was born and raised in Portugal, a country where I had a very happy and adventurous life. I was surrounded by nautical environment since my birth, my father sailed and instigated this interest in me and my brother, traveling by boat every year, to every possible and imaginary destinations, knowing paradisiacal destinations, with colorful fishes and warm seas of the color of the sky . My literacy was all in English since the age of 6, my parents put me to study at St. Julian's School in Carcavelos, a British school with an impressive structure that prepared the students not only for theoretical subjects, but also for arts, sports, music. I was used to riding, swimming, making athletic sports, I had piano lessons, drums, singing and was the lead singer in school presentations. Besides all this academic wealth, we went to Spain almost every year, at the holidays. Spain is a beloved country by me, full of culture and joy. I speak Spanish since childhood because I had a lot of influence of the country's culture. I love the dancing, the food and the people. I also studied in a convent school, the College of São José Ramalhão, located in Sintra, which was a neoclassical palace, and became known as belonged to the Portuguese Crown and was the exile place of Queen Carlota Joaquina. In this college I lived rebel stages of adolescence and met wonderful people. At 16, I came to Brazil due to the death of my father who was Portuguese. My mother's family is Brazilian and was essential to our recovery after the pain of losing a loved one so dear as a father. I already knew Brazil as coming at the holidays since I was a baby, however, I haven't came to Brazil for nine years and had lost close contact with the family. When I returned, I was already a young woman and it was very exciting. I regained my loved family, especially my grandmother who is an amazing woman with a heart bigger than the Earth planet and we always looked after each other with love. In Brazil, I made my high school and started my academic life, attending journalism college which I chose for love, for admiring the communication and the fact that a journalist can get involved in people's lives and especially to count their life stories, so that they can make their mark in the world. Parallel to college, I chose to follow the singer's career. Initially, I was lead singer of a rock band, 'Four Sound' and then started a Live Vocal project that was very important because it made me lose my shyness and made me learn to interact with the public. My life as a model came suddenly through a friend who showed me TK Models agency, whose owner is Wagner Takamori, who welcomed me with open arms from the start, believing in my potential. So I began to prepare myself to become a Miss for one year and a half but I can say it was worth it. Today I am Miss World Mato Grosso do Sul, and most important Miss Grand Brazil with great honor and pride. I'm developing my human side every day, learning to listen, to give, to commit myself to fight for the humility with respect for all.
Personal Opinion

About 'Stop The War and Violence' campaign :

          In my opinion, the campaign Stop The War and Violence is extremely important. Especially in the time that we live in, where there is no tolerance and humanity. We live in a world in which people are killed by religions and races. A movement that is in favor of peace and fights against all forms of violence and hostility is crucial. We must think of future generations and what they will face if we continue acting selfishly, focused only on consumerism. We have to fight for the disadvantaged and the war refugees so that we have a just world that offers quality of life for all mankind. We have to educate and support children and young people equally, giving chance to all. We have to educate the society so that it is fair and tolerant to all differences, to make possible the inclusion of all in one place, the planet Earth.