• Miss Irene Zabala
Name :
Irene Zabala
Country :
Ages :
Height :
170.0 cm
Weight :
54.5 kg
Body figure :
Education/Occupation :
Engineer in International Finance and commerce in national oil and gasconstruction company.
Hobbies :
Play piano,traveling,read book,dancing,painting
Ambitions :
To became an succesfull woman and one of the biggest is to win MGI.
        Hello, my name is Irene Zabala, I am 25 years old, I'm from Guayaquil - Ecuador, I consider myself a simple and humble person who is committed with all the goals that I set for myself. I struggle for noble ideals, and I can't stand abuse and injustice in the world. I also love animals (especially dogs). I love to travel and learn from different cultures, consequently, this helps us grow as people. This is the main reason why I'm excited to travel to Thailand and learn from a culture different from ours. I got a degree in International Trade and Finance and in the future I would like to put my own logistics company.

Being an ambassador of the country is a heavy responsibility because many see us as a role model, and I want to be a good example of perseverance for women and young people. I believe that people can do great things when working with dedication, this is the path to obtain better results than expected!

There is a phrase that I always carry with me and I firmly believe in it, 'Nothing happens by chance, every event has a purpose in life' and I firmly believe in it because God gives us many trials along the way and at the exact moment, so I think he put the Miss Grand International on my way to leave the name of my country at the highest levels. Finally, I want people to know that Ecuador is a small country, but, despite this, its people have a great and open heart.

There's a simple phrase that represent us: four worlds, two hemispheres and a country, that's Ecuador!
location at :  Novotel Airport Bangkok
Personal Opinion


Many people and countries are called to be part of organizations focused on encouraging others to give an end to the war, and what better to start with educational programs for children, "the new generation", and raising awareness about its negative effects.

In the war nobody is a winner, and many suffer defeats in different levels. 
We live in a world that offers cultural diversity of which we can learn and grow as human beings if we put aside our differences. We can learn a lot of things if we understand that each person is a different world and we should not confront because we live in the same planet.  What we obtain with a war is the destruction of our home, and it's sad that we as human seek a solution using weapons instead of using our heart, as Pope John Paul II said: "Violence and weapons can never resolve the problems of men."

In the war it is not known which part is right, but justice is defended with rationality and not with weapons. Stop the war is also to stop our internal conflicts and we have to be predisposed to listen others in order to achieve unthinkable things.

Human beings are born to create and not to destroy. We as humans are capable of conceiving great ideas and we can transform society for the common good.

If we decide to change the world we must begin with ourselves, and together we can use the most effective weapons, which are love and mercy, because justice is defended with rationality, and not with weapons.